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Abigail Breslin and Emma StoneFor people that are confused thinking this is going to be a straight-up horror movie, I think the cast alone proves this might be something different. Especially with Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin. Was it hard convincing them to actually take a look at the script?I think that’s something we all had to deal with. The title says one thing but what was inside the script was a whole different thing. Jesse has done really independent films so getting him to do a commercial zombie movie is a pretty big step for him to take. I think he just loved the material the same way Abigail or Woody did. Woody was not inclined to do a zombie movie either; he definitely took some convincing. Also, they were all nervous working with a first-time director. It was a risk in and of itself to do a zombie comedy for them not a risk, but stepping outside their comfort zone. Then to do it with somebody who was unproven was an even bigger risk. But, luckily, they all had the confidence I wouldn’t make something bad and they wouldn’t look silly being in this movie. I hope they’re pleased with the outcome of it.I won’t give away the big cameo in the movie, I always love when this certain actor is in a movie because he’s notoriously hard to reach. Is there a story behind that?Woody was the reason he was in the movie. We had somebody else in line who fell out a week before filming.Can you say who?I’d rather not but it’s somebody not as cool at all, second hand ugg boots uk but I want to write him a thank you note for dropping out because he allowed us to have somebody way better and cooler.So we were kind of ass out a week before shooting, it was always intended to be a celebrity cameo. Through our own resources we exhausted some pretty less cool options and they passed. So Woody was like, Let me make some calls. And he called his friend and got him to be in the film. Which is one of the most memorable parts of the whole movie.Did you enjoy the audience reaction to the screening?It’s like a dream come true. Working in music videos and commercials you never get to see your stuff with an audience so I’ve never had this experience before and it really is the best thing in the world. Especially since they seem to like it a lot. … I know there are certain lines that just repeatedly do very well. I get giddy when they’re about to come on. I’ll actually sometimes sit and turn and watch the audience instead of the screening because it’s so fun to watch the reactions.I like the idea of the rules people have to follow in order to survive in a world full of zombies like doing cardio. There’s some reality to that.Yeah, I think it’s grounded in the reality or the legacy of zombie films. I think that these are tried and true rules if you watch any zombie movie. People make the same mistakes and then they all die the same way.Speaking of grounded in reality: That reminds me of the scene with Jesse on the motorcycle. At the screening I was thinking, When did he learn how to ride a motorcycle? And then he rides it straight into a bush and falls over.That’s a laugh I love watching with an audience. It’s really funny and I really love the misdirection. Like it’s going to be such a clich d Hollywood moment he drives off on his motorcycle! Actually, in my version that I wanted I asked the writers to have him split up with Woody and he goes to save the girls. It’s like a Luke and Han sort of thing where Han is like, You go save the day, I’m just interested in my Twinkies or my money, and Woody wouldn’t come back until later. The writers were brilliant by saying, No, we really don’t want to separate them, but they gave him his little moment of independence driving off on his motorcycle and then just driving straight into the bushes.

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Alleged murderous extortionist Joran van der Sloot has been quoted bragging about receiving marriage offers from some gals with very low standards. According to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf (via the heartbroken Associated Press), he said, One of them even wants me to get her pregnant. Van der Sloot has something of a checkered history of relationships with women: he confessed to murdering his fellow poker player Stephany Flores in Lima, Peru, where he is awaiting trial for her May 30 killing, and has also been a prime suspect in the 2005 disappearance ugg york uk of American Natalee Holloway, who vanished during a trip to Aruba. Plus, the results of Monday s court-ordered psychological evaluation reveal that the 22-year-old doesn’t value the female role. The report also notes that he reflects a certain dominance over the opposite sex and does not tolerate when someone tries to contradict him. All these willing would-be spouses could do better, is the point.

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Photo: Courtesy of J.W. Anderson x Topshop“I believe you have to engage with everyone in the world and not become elitist,” says Jonathan Anderson, better known as the designer behind J.W. Anderson, whose second collection for Topshop hits stores February 15. Aside from the fact that collaborating with the retail giant has become a right of passage for any young British line, that modern viewpoint also goes some way to explain the secret of Irish-born Anderson’s burgeoning success (he has, after all, just taken over from Christopher Kane to collaborate with Versus). Much like last season, here, he’s riffed on the best-sellers in his main line: scholarly kilts, eye-catching knits, this time in harlequin prints and full, umbrella-like pleated skirts coated in patent black and camel. “It was about stripping down core silhouettes with a focus on black denim and tying in this idea of troubled sisters,” he says of the offbeat starting point. But that darker turn is well hidden behind playful car- and bird-print motif sweaters; frilly pinafores; and high-rise, plank-soled creepers, which are sure to be out in force this fashion season.J.W. Anderson and a model in a look from his first collaboration with Topshop.Photographed by Tom Craig, Vogue, September 2012Indeed, Anderson’s canny ability to hang artistry and commerciality in the balance has proven to be a sell-out success with Topshop’s shoppers who jump on the chance to buy Anderson’s pieces. (That their chosen outfit will be repeated on countless other fans, is, at this cost, seemingly beside the point.) And despite the broadening womens ugg boots uk of his line, Anderson is adamant that he remains true to his roots: “It will always have a British aesthetic,” he says. “British clothing is a great export —it always translates.”

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All Metropark-Branded Apparel—50% OffWith festival style all over the blogs, music and fashion are more closely connected than ever. From creatively coiffed Gwen Stefani to indie-chic Louisa Rose Allen of Foxes, we’ve been tracking the whole neo-rocker-girl trend for a while, and there’s one label that just nails the look: Metropark. We’re super-into the flippy dresses, loose-fitting blazers and sheer stockists of genuine ugg boots in uk button-downs and they’re all half off today—even the sale and men’s stuff!Regular price: $14 to $99 Lucky Breaks price: $7 to $49.50How to get it: Go to and enter luckydaily4 at checkout to redeem 50% off of all Metropark-branded womenswear and menswear. Discount applies to the sale price of already-marked-down items.Offer is valid from 11:00 a.m. ET on August 16, 2012, to 10:59 a.m. ET on August 17, 2012, or while supplies last. Discounts and prices do not include shipping or taxes.Keep up with the Lucky team on Twitter: Follow @LuckyMagazine

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Earlier this month, at the behest of unctuous House majority leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) and some outraged commenters on, the Smithsonian removed a video installation that Cantor called an obvious attempt to offend Christians during the Christmas season. The piece in question, A Fire in My Belly, by David Wojnarowicz, depicted Jesus nailed to the cross and covered in ants, and, according to Martin Sullivan, director of the Smithsonian Institution s National Portrait Gallery, intended to depict the suffering of an AIDS victim. (Wojnarowicz died of AIDS in 1992 at the age of 37.) Regarding the video s graphic nature, exhibition co-curator David C. Ward explained, That it is violent, disturbing, and hallucinatory precisely replicates the impact ugg boots uk for children of the disease itself on people and a society that could barely comprehend its magnitude. AIDS, Congressman Cantor should note, is not a seasonal disease that comes and goes with each Christmas. He s probably thinking of the flu. Today, the Andy Warhol Foundation wrote an open letter to the Smithsonian demanding that the museum restore the censored work immediately, or the Warhol Foundation will cease funding future exhibitions at all Smithsonian institutions. Condemning the censorship as unconscionable, Warhol Foundation president Joel Wachs said, It is inimical to everything the Smithsonian Institution should stand for, and everything the Andy Warhol Foundation does stand for. Meanwhile, for those of you in New York, know that the video will screen at the International Center of Photography this Thursday. We believe it is the task of cultural institutions in a free society to provide a forum and refuge for all forms of expression, including or perhaps especially those that provoke, the I.C.P. said in a statement. Hurry, reserve your spot before it s nabbed by a protester.

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Mary J. Blige belts it out at the benefit. From I just wanna kiss your toes, Russell, auctioneer Whoopi Goldberg gushed after Russell Simmons placed the opening bid on a Robert De Niro restaurant package at the Hope, Help & Relief Haiti launch at the Urban Zen Center on Monday night. The benefit s vibe was less gala, more family reunion. Designer Donna Karan and rapper Wyclef Jean go way back. Before Wyclef s days in the Fugees, he worked in Karan s Garment District stock room. He fell asleep on the job! Karan recounted. Hundreds of dollars of merchandise were stolen during his nap. When introduced to Karan, Wyclef apologized for the ill-timed respite and said he d write her a check. Honey, I have to pay you back! Karan replied, thanking the Haitian singer for his commitment to the cause. With Mary J. Blige, Wyclef headlined the benefit. Both Karan and Wyclef are paying it forward by joining forces with Andre Harrell, Mary J. Blige, and Andr Balazs to raise funds for Wyclef s Yele Haiti foundation, Habitat for Humanity, and Partners in Health.Fashion doyennes Anna Wintour and Carolina Herrera exchanged pleasantries over dinner. Reverend Al Sharpton made an appearance but took off before the main course. Later, Veronica Webb and Polo s David Lauren nibbled rice pudding as Blige delivered an outstanding, hour-long performance. She s singing like a bird tonight, said U2 s The Edge before rejoining R.E.M. s reclusive front man, Michael Stipe. After the show, Simmons absconded with his leggy date, and punk legend Patti Smith greeted another benefit organizer, Mitch Davis. In manner and smile, Davis resembles his ugg uk authorised online retailers father, Clive, who helped launch Smith s career 35 years ago. It s wonderful to come together for a cause so worthy just a week after the Grammys, Davis said. What s better is that 100 percent of this evening s donations are going to help the people of Haiti. Fashion s front-row favorites Tinsley Mortimer, Emma Snowdon-Jones, Tory Burch, and Rachel Zoe ended the night at a raucous after-party at the Standard Hotel s Boom Boom Room, where Wyclef and Blige performed a duet.Jay-Z also took in the penthouse performance. He sported a hoodie, but not Beyonc .To learn how you can get involved in supplying shelter for victims of the Haiti earthquake disaster, please visit Hope Help Relief Haiti.

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Law enforcement officials now believe that earlier this winter, a troupe of tech-savvy thieves—a handful of whom are now in police custody—pilfered $45 million from ATMs in 27 different countries. (And the Belgian jewel plunderers thought they already had on lockdown this week’s “No, We’re Not Condoning Crime But If You Had to Describe Something Illegal as ‘Kind of Awesome’ Then This Would Be It” Award. Sorry, boys.) CNBC has more on the logistics of the ATM larceny:Hackers got into bank databases, eliminated withdrawal limits on pre-paid debit cards and created access codes. leather ugg boots uk Others loaded that data onto any plastic card with a magnetic stripe—an old hotel key card or an expired credit card worked fine as long as it carried the account data and correct access codes. A network of operatives then fanned out to rapidly withdraw money in multiple cities, authorities said. The cells would take a cut of the money, then launder it through expensive purchases or ship it wholesale to the global ringleaders.Fortunately, no “individual or business accounts” were targeted—just “funds held by the banks in this case, Rakbank and Bank of Muscat that back up prepaid credit cards.” Unfortunately, this means that “ATM thieves” does not qualify as a plausible explanation for the distressing void that is your savings account.Summer Bonus: See over 30 scantily-clad stars, from Lady Gaga to Angelina Jolie, in our nice weather nude slide show.

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Dr Raj Persaud :Could Psychiatrists Have Prevented the Washington Naval Yard Shootings David Hobbs :Roll Up, Roll Up! Battersea Power Station Plays Open House For The Last Time Alex Palombo :Mr. Bonavia (Hopefully) Goes to Parliament Toby Brundin :The Street Children of Belgrade and the Universal Search for Peace Andy Lopata :A Three Minute Elevator Pitch? Welcome to Hell! From left to right, Christmas trees designed by Chanel ,Mathilde de l’Ecotais and Smalto.For the past 16 years, the brightest names in the worlds of Parisian fashion, art and architecture have come together in December to each create a Christmas tree in their own aesthetic for Les Sapins Noël des Createurs (Christmas Trees of the Designers). The brainchild of Marie-Christiane Marek, esteemed journalist and producer of fashion and design programs for television networks France2 and TV5 Monde, Les Sapins de Noël are exhibited to the public for the first week in December, with the exhibition closing with a private charity benefit dinner at which the one-of-a-kind trees are auctioned.Ali Madhavi chose photography to represent his Christmas tree (left), while fashion designer Jean Claude Jitrois poses in front of his tree with his muse Sarah Marshall, designed in collaboration with NY contemporary artist JonOne .Every year a different charity is chosen to benefit from the sale of the unique trees. For 2011, children’s cancer charity A.V.E.C – Association pour la vie, espoir contre le cancer (Association for Life and Hope against Cancer) will receive the proceeds from the auction. In the grand surroundings of the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, 37 designers offered an immense variety of interpretations and materials in creating their Christmas trees. Men’s fashion house Smalto chose a minimalist brushed-steel effect design formed of three two-dimensional shapes bolted together, while Sonia Rykiel’s tree more resembled an apple tree than a pine. Predictably, famed patisserie house Pierre Hermé’s vision was a tower of macarons, while menswear label Les Garcons used stacked antlers festooned with baubles.From left: Parisian lingerie designer Chantal Thomass applies her signature cheekiness to her design, while Stella McCartney’s knitted tree is reassuringly traditional.The prospect of owning a one-of-a-kind designer artwork by Jean-Paul Gaultier, Chanel, Jean Claude Jitrois or Dior has enormous appeal, and several ‘trees’ sold for as much as €5000. The Pierre Hermé macarons may not be a long-lasting choice, but Stella McCartney’s knitted tree or Louis Vuitton’s ‘jack-in-the-box’ style are sure to be future classics for their proud owners. Furthermore, in an ever-increasingly environmentally conscious climate, the idea behind the investment in a designer sapin, to be celebrated year after year in lieu of a real cut tree, is a welcomed one. From left: designs by Les Garcons and Sonia RykielFrom left: Jean Claude Jitrois’s tree in leather, in collaboration with JonOne, and Pierre Hermé’s tower of patisserie delights.ESMOD’s tree was created from entirely sustainable materials.Louis Vuitton Christmas trees have long been a key part ugg outlet uk sale of the Christmas celebration. Rockefeller Center’s famous tree may grab all the headlines, but there are five… By Adelle M. Banks Religion News Service (RNS) When the Rev. John McCausland crafted his Christmas Eve sermon at his Episcopal church in Weare, N.H.,… ‘Tis the season for food drives. It’s a holiday tradition as storied as Christmas trees, awkward conversations with the in-laws, and embarrassing drunken moments at… Eric Risberg, Associated Press OAKVILLE, Calif. — Harvest has barely ended in Napa Valley, but on Highway 29, the late fall colors and darker days… WASHINGTON — House Speaker John Boehner heard President Obama’s threat to veto a payroll tax cut if Republicans add a controversial pipeline project, and ignored… There are few sights and scents that so immediately communicate Christmas as a decked out tree in the living room. Find out what the six… RALEIGH, N.C. — If the holidays are truly a time for peace on earth and goodwill toward all, someone forgot to tell the Christmas tree… Community Notice: We’ve made some changes to our badge program, including the additionof our newest badge: Community Curator. laurasweet: Here s a look at all of the designer Christmas Trees The Huffington Post UK is provided by AOL (UK) Limited. 2013 AOL (UK) Limited its affiliates and licensors

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If Michigan goes McCain s way by a couple hundreds votes in November and tips the election, will a tiny PAC with no offices but enough money to slap together an anti-Obama attack ad and air it in one county have made the difference?Paid for by Freedom ugg australia uk outlet store s Defense Fund and aired in Macomb County, the above ad attracted national attention this week for attempting to associate Barack Obama with Kwame Kilpatrick, the scandal-stricken former mayor of Detroit who resigned last week.Politico and a host of other sites linked to the commercial. Freedom s Defense Fund spent a little more than $20,000 to run the 30-second spot 1,000 times in Macomb, the greater-Detroit area whose primarily white, middle-class residents served as the classic case study of Reagan Democrats. According to Todd Zirkle, executive director of F.D.F., the version that ended up on YouTube isn t even the final cut but a rough cut that was possibly leaked by someone involved in its production.The commercial has provoked highly polarized reactions. F.D.F. says it has received both irate feedback and a spate of contributions, mainly from Michiganders, in response recouping up to 40 percent of the ad s cost. Former Detroit mayor Dennis Archer an Obama supporter who was also Rosa Parks s legal guardian for the last year of her life is not happy about the ad. They lifted something totally out of context, he told VF Daily, referring to the fact that Kilpatrick had not yet been indicted (for perjury, among other charges) when Obama appeared with him and praised him at the event in question. I just look at it as desperate people trying their best to discredit a person who has really worked very hard to keep everything above board. Freedom s Defense Fund was started in 2004 by a small group of conservatives in Washington, D.C. According to Zirkle, who is a real-estate appraiser, it has no offices and no overhead and raises its money through the Internet and direct mail. For the amount of money we ve spent, he says, We ve gotten a lot of punch. The group has an informal cooperative arrangement with Jerome Corsi, author of The Obama Nation, a book criticized for being a largely inaccurate, innuendo-filled anti-Obama hatchet job. F.D.F. donors are rewarded with a copy of the bestseller as a bonus.Zirkle says F.D.F. will be launching more anti-Obama ads in Macomb, including one focusing on Jeremiah Wright. (Even though Zirkle was partial to it, F.D.F. will probably end up not running a segment it conceived linking Obama to Bill Ayers and the Weather Underground s bombing of the Pentagon in 1972. The ad would have run in northern Virginia this week, conveniently pegged to the anniversary of 9 11.) Asked if F.D.F. will be developing any ads dealing with policy issues, he says no. We re a really small organization, he explains.

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Photo: Kevin SturmanOthers this pre-fall season can go longer and layered, but that’s not for Donatella Versace. With this collection, she asserts the family brand values, which is to say shorter and tighter than anyone else. And then, for good measure, sexiness served up in equal amounts of florals (graphic Asiatic blooms on silk dresses) and fetish (legs encased in black latex). It’s hardly surprising that Versace would take the collection in this direction, especially given the rapturous response to her spring 2010 designs. Just about every retailer I spoke to loved the way that she made Versace so, well, Versace. That’s not to say that Donatella hasn’t also touched ugg hot sale uk on some of the nascent trends of the season—like that new asymmetrically pleated kilt-like skirt that has been everywhere this past week or so. It’s just that she prefers to serve hers up in smaller doses, quite literally. If elsewhere their hems hovered around the knees, Donatella Versace likes hers to barely reach the thighs.